Crave Control

Overcome your cravings with DVN

CraveControl is a free and simple tool to help overcome cravings. When a craving first occurs, simply concentrate on the pattern for a few moments.

Cravings are intense desires that can develop quickly from a range of physiological and psychological triggers. These triggers are often quite hard to predict and difficult to avoid. Once a craving takes hold, it can be very hard to ignore.

Psychologists have discovered that cravings often begin with a visual element. When a new craving occurs, a person will often first picture the activity that they crave in their mind. These images are then dwelled upon, strengthening the craving and heightening the desire to give into it.


The Dynamic Visual Noise (DVN) pattern

CraveControl uses a technique called Dynamic Visual Noise (DVN) to reduce craving by disrupting how the brain forms and holds images in your mind. When we picture something in our minds, we need to use our short-term memory system to ‘hold’ it. However, our short term memory system has limited resources, and it can be easily disrupted.

The (DVN) technique that CraveControl uses was specifically designed to disrupt the visual part of working memory. Put simply, DVN is a simple mechanism that fills up the visual working memory with noise, temporarily subduing its ability to hold anything useful.

To use CraveControl, simply concentrate on the pattern for a few moments as soon as you feel a craving.

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The Dynamic Visual Noise technique has been used a range of peer-reviewed psychological studies.
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